Puppets ahoy!

They say you’re not a real writer until you’ve gotten a bile-dripping review.

No problem, there.

But what are you when some reviewer/reader/past anonymouse/whatnot hates the book so much they post slams under Amazon.com review sock puppet accounts?

From “Alan’s” other reviews, I wonder if it’s my Rand-references that set him/her off. Funny how he and “Elizabeth” reviewed the same obscure book on ships – and how Alan found it necessary to add to his own review the same thing he added to all other negative reviews: “My opinion exactly.” Logout booboos reveal sock puppets all the time, “Alan” old boy. I want everyone to have, and share, their own opinion about the book – but I’m not sure either A. or E. actually read the book entire. There’s a blank genericness to their style.

[ A. gives a similarly-written slam to Rose Wilder Lane’s The Discovery of Freedom – and A. and E.’s reviews of The United States Coast Guard in World War II: A History of Domestic and Overseas Actions by Thomas P. Ostrom are indisputably by the same person – and are the only two reviews of Ostrom’s book. Perhaps A&E=O here? ]


27 thoughts on “Puppets ahoy!

    1. Your book seems to have little moral foundation. Alan Eggers description of you as a pick up artist seems rather accurate. Please buy my book, Jesus Christ, The Fundamentals of Christology to hear my further opinions on the moral orientation in your book.

    2. You are the same person writing the Amazon.com reviews. You just left another sockpuppet comment following this one.

    1. You are the same person as “Jim McDermott” above, who is the same person who reviewed She and I (twice!) under two different names on Amazon.com.

      Your email address is non-functional, by the way. For more effective puppetry, get a working email address at least.

      1. But, you see, I do.

        Given the importance of the ‘net in She and I, one should think twice before attempting such sophomoric deceptions.

  1. I don’t understand. If you don’t want to leave an opinion about Rand or Lane please don’t. I like both. Perhaps your book suffered from over detailed descriptions. I don’t agree that you are a pickup artist. This is how I relate to my spouse exactly. Again, good read. I can post a positive reveiw at Amazon if you wish.

  2. I won’t give out my email. I just put something in so i could post this note. Having a professional reveiwer who gave you three stars seems pretty grey actually. From the tone of your book, I’d guess you’d stoop to more and maybe have.

    1. Dear Sock Puppeteer: it’s unwise to rely on unsourced claims in comment threads.

      The following reply suffices for the paid review claim: The review was not paid for by author or publisher: a review copy was sent to crystalreviews.com by the publicist – Phenix & Phenix – in the normal way. The review appeared on Amazon without participation by author or publisher.

    2. What is your investment in Michael R. Brown’s book? I would think you would have many more Amazon reviews to spam and trash on a daily basis.

  3. Michael, with the amount of devoted attention Alan is bringing your book, I’m beginning to think he’s one of the women you wrote about.

    1. Not exactly. My reveiw shows more common sense and good taste than to fall for anything like She and I. What about you my dear?

    1. Email me a snail-mail address and I’ll send you a copy of the book, gratis. It’s been some interesting adventures since June of ’85.

  4. This is the most amusing thing I’ve read in awhile. On the other hand, your book is delightful and warm with enough compelling emotion behind it to rise above the debris of modern “novels.”

    I’m wondering when you’ll stand up for the flute player.

    Bravo sir!

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