Publisher’s press release

We’re delighted to announce that Dusty Wright, past editor-in-chief of Creem and of Prince’s New Power Generation magazines, screenwriter, composer, and guiding spirit of pop site, has included our 2009 release She and I: A Fugue by Michael R. Brown in his list of best music, film, and books for Fall 2009.

Upon hearing the news, Brown said, “To appear among such names as Wilde and Cormac McCarthy – not to mention Helen Mirren! – is a bit dazing, but I’m glad Mr Wright found the story had the stuff. I’m sketching out several memoirs that’ll go into some tales only brushed past in She and I, and hopefully they’ll not disappoint any to whom the book spoke.”

Wright’s listing joins a number of critical and reader plaudits for the unusual, poetic-prose memoir of the narrator’s evolution through contact with women, centering on the inner world of a relationship between him and a young ballerina half his age whom he meets on the Internet in the early 2000s. Wright’s full list can be found at . Learn more at and .


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