Note on Nietzsche

I take Nietzsche as a total phenomenon. Like all the greats, he has an evolution over all his works – but for me, the great works of his near-mad year of 1888 cannot be bettered. The stylistic compression alone, in which he remade German – for himself alone, it seems – is astonishing. That’s what inspires me. The actual content of his ideas are kind of banal if not eccentric, but the manner of expression is an ever-flowing spring. (Post-Moderns, of course, like Nehemas try to collapse his style and content, but it doesn’t work. I’m anti-Post-Modern.) For that reason, I like Twilight of the Idols and Ecce Homo best. Of course, it’s hard to beat Beyond Good and Evil and even the not-so-paid-attention The Gay Science from his earlier “scientific” period. What wonders are there in him!


2 thoughts on “Note on Nietzsche

  1. Agreed. Nietzsche is brilliant. I disagree that his ideas are banal though. The inspiration given to other heroes like Colin Wilson and Albert Camus justify this line of reasoning.

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