Letter to a Writer

Hello Lisa Taddeo –

I hope you’ll forgive these words from an Internet stranger, but I just finished your article from “Redbook” on Ashley Madison (reprinted on msnbc.com), and found it moving, haunting, and a bit infuriating. Your writing is economical, pointed, your observational stance knowing, really complete – and yet the level of detachment is almost chilling. I’ve almost never read anything so thoroughly removed.

Which may have been just your point.

I think, though, that one can only understand human beings with some degree of subjectivity – and you seem to have as thoroughly objectified these men as they were objectifying their fantasy girl-prospect – or perhaps even more so, since there was some degree of warm blood to most of them, even the most sadly compulsive.

You’ve become the perfect reporter in this article, and I congratulate it, while feeling my own bowels run a little cold.

The proper companion to this piece would be an examination of the slow draining of passion and excitement that -both- parties in all too many relationships experience, and where it comes from. The men in your article, talking passively about their wives, both hit and miss the mark.

It’s not so easy being human, is it? We seem designed to have, and make, karma. I think in the end your article may help to lessen the human burden a bit. I greet you, albeit from the opposite side of the tracks.

Best regards,
Michael R. Brown

[ 2 April 2011 ]


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