Brief Remarks on Sex and Evolution

The presumption in this article is that the migration of human females was largely voluntary. This plays into our desire to have a prettified view of pre-civilization nature. Based upon male aggression and desire to possess women and guarantee virginity, my guess is that the story is a lot less pretty: kidnapping, spoils of conquest, etc.

Female sexual shame probably dates from this evolutionary period.

So much of it is all about guaranteeing the bloodline. I remembering reading a mainstream article claiming that even today, 20% of all pregnancies are cuckold situations where the male is unaware that the baby is not his. Females are burdened with the most difficult biological process in human experience – and also, something I have never heard anyone mention re. evolutionary psychology: human pregnancy in uncivilized nature was oftentimes up to 50% fatal! And with young and fertile people having sex, pregnancy was highly likely. So of course females had enormous evolutionary pressure to develop resistances to promiscuous sex with unworthy partners. Add that to the male desire for virginity/fidelity and you have the wonderful karma-generator that sex is. Yet sex is also crucial, so if a male partner who had control of the female was unworthy, she would have an impulse to stray to a more alpha guy. It’s all evolutionary economics.

And it’s hard as hell to be a woman. Nature is under no constraint to be mechanically consistent (or linear). Females wanted to stay put *and* wander if need be. To this day, I see women wanting security *and* adventure. Where Freud went wrong in asking “what do women want” was in assuming there was a single, linear answer. Women are made up of far more extreme and polarized aspects than that, and the result is far more complex and rapid than man’s simpler, closer-to-unity nature (which has its own evolutionary utility). That’s one reason women are so amazing. It’s also why it takes a rare man who understand this: female complexity and changeability is a response to male aggression and focus.

Notice how males and females argue: males are physically stronger, but women are mentally faster and less bound down. Female verbal agility and confusing turns and transformations is their answer to male physical strength and violent propensities.

Both genders have it tough. This is one reason I believe in going deep, and in trying to have real communication without walls. It’s also why I’m not tricked by silly verbal constructs, which is why Mira and I had the experience we had. I heard just last night a girl in her mid-twenties saying that things are so shallow now that people will break up if one partner passes gas in bed or has stinky feet. Wow.


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