Wordle for the next book

Prepping for the Kindle release, a bit of fun: a Wordle of “Human Days” – interesting to see which words stand out in the MaryCloud.

Wordle: "human days"


3 thoughts on “Wordle for the next book

  1. This holds good for Kindle typesetting prior to the most recent rev., which offers more support for standard typographical features, like drop caps.

    1. Do a basic formatting in Indesign – nothing fancy, and no long page breaks or whatnot – it isn’t going to be on paper, e-or otherwise, of a set length.

    2. Export as .mobi or .epub. (I have not seen good results with the Kindle export plug-in.)

    3. Using Calibre (free – download it), convert .epub or .mobi to “htmlz” file.

    4. Change .htmlz extension to .zip and unzip.

    5. Your book file will be the extracted directory as a .html file.

    6. Open it up in notepad and edit as needed to insert Kindle-specific tags. (Google for guidance there.) Check appearance for now on your browser.

    7. Once saved, preview using Amazon’s Kindle Previewer downloaded free from Amazon. Tweak .html file as needed. Amazon will reject if your code is bad.

    8. Assemble everything per this – https://kdp.amazon.com/self-publishing/help?topicId=A2RYO17TIRUIVI .

    9. Upload and knock us out.

  2. Thank you for the clear listing. That should help.

    I am glad I asked because somewhere on the Amazon site it says to just write it up in word, which seemed a little too simple to me.

    Congratulations on your latest book!

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