My Introduction to “I, Mary MacLane – Annotated Edition”

The final book by “the first blogger” and “first of the Flappers” is Mary MacLane’s testament in every way and completes the arc of her career. After years of external adventure – gambling on the Florida coast, lengthy reclusion in a repressive New England town, newspaper feature-writing in Denver, high living in Manhattan – she returned to Butte, Montana and turned within to explore her internal worlds. After the martial excitement of her first book and the deep stylistic focus of her second, My Friend Annabel Lee – both available in Petrarca Press annotated editions for Kindle – her last, written from 1911 to 1917, positions the reader in the most intimate contact she would ever permit: we are with her inside herself, in – except for the first and, movingly, a later entry – an eternal tomorrow. Her insight, subtle humor, fearlessness, and sovereign mastery of language never desert her – or us. Detailed textual notes tracing out her references, drawn from the recent Petrarca Press anthology Human Days: A Mary MacLane Reader, make this edition unique among all those currently on offer.


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