Two new Mary MacLane books into print soon

Two news-pieces for you friends, lovers, countrypersons of the great Mary MacLane.
First, the quality paperback of Human Days: A Mary MacLane Reader will be in print in a few weeks. Final production details are being smoothed, but a proof copy’s on the table a few feet away. 600 pages, reprints nearly all her writing with many pages of notes. Edited by me, Foreword by Bojana Novakovic.
Second news: I’m in editing right now of a new book on MM, and it goes rapidly. Working title: “Mary in the Press: Miss MacLane and Her Fame.” It collects the enormous media sensation she was/caused and organizes it thematically, starting with “Interviewers” and moving through categories like “Haters” and “Reporters” and “Lovers” and “Seers” and “Feminists.” Not even close to done, but it’s already at 521 pages. Enormous number of new discoveries, including almost 100 pages (so far) of interview articles with MM (and a few of her imitators/followers), 160+ pages of newspaper stories … so the final may well be over 600 pages, and this looks to be two volumes. No web page or anything for it yet, but there will be.
After that, will be working on MM’s biography. : )
With regard to the biography, Barry Alfonso asked on the Facebook group for “Human Days: A Mary MacLane Reader” what we’ve learned of MM’s last days. The answer: We’ve found some important clues to her last decades – nothing even close to a full accounting, but some highlit bits. It’ll be detailed in the biography, but her death certificate has been found. We know a friend she had in the 1920s, that she still visited Harriet Monroe (and HM’s observations about MM). We’ve located a Bohemian club she used to frequent. We have a 1925 letter she wrote to a magazine, a c. 1926 letter from her to HM, a 1920 letter to a newspaper, an account of her giving a recitation of “Men Who Have Made Love to Me” in the 1920s … and the various accounts of her final years, from family and landlady and her friend. So, there is something, but we’re always looking for more. Hopefully more soon!

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