Mary MacLane biography – update

Update on the Mary MacLane biography in process.

All substantial research into MM’s life was complete last year – family background is written as is the settlement into Upper Canada, later known as Ontario.

Have found some fascinating openings into the life of her father, such that we now have a very good idea of the course of his entire adult life (and of his paternal line back to 1699 in western Scotland).

James Whitby MacLane, it turns out, was an adventurer just as was his daughter, and we have a good idea of his movements and large-scale doings in what would become British Columbia in the 1860s and the basis for the large mark he left on the Red River Colony – which would become known as Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Working title for the biography remains A Quite Unusual Intensity of Life: The Lives, Worlds, and Works of Mary MacLane. Working Chapt. 1 title is “Alpha’s Daughter.”

As ever, the Mary MacLane website remains the definitive resource for all things MM: